EBACE2011: Exhibitor Directory


2 Bd Bourdeaux - Residence Al Hamed
Complexe linat - Bd Rachidi
Casablanca, 20100
Tel: 212-5224-70702
Fax: 212-5224-70766
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.vipjetmorocco.com
Stand: 2237

The purpose of The VIP JET is to offer airlines all ground services, supervision before and after the flight and assistance during the handling sequences all operations are carried out in a spirit of professionalism and quality, neutrality and security in compliance with the rules and procedures required by IATA /OACI.

Buyer's Guide: Categories
  1. Airports/Airport Authorities
  2. FBOs
  3. Ground Transportation
  4. Personnel Services
  5. Travel Services

Updated: 3/25/2011

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