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European Business Aviation Association (EBAA)

Avenue de Tervuren, 13a Box 5
1040 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32-2-766-0070
Fax: +32-2-768-1325
E-Mail: [email protected]

EBAA is the leading Association representing Business Aviation in Europe. In 1977, Dr. Ir. F.J. Philips founded the Association to defend the interests of Business Aviation. Nowadays, over 400 business aviation companies, direct Members or Members of associate organizations rely on EBAA to protect their interests.

As the aviation infrastructure in Europe is changing rapidly with the proposed introduction of regulations concerning the environment, aircraft crew, airport and airspace access, safety and more, it has never been more important for business aviation to be properly represented. Indeed, at a time when the airlines are becoming more aggressive against us as our business grows at 7% per year, and we take more of their high value clients, proper representation to protect our needs and rights has never been more important.

Fortunately, thanks to our growing membership base and the extraordinary success of EBACE, our 50/50 JV with NBAA, EBAA has never been better placed to guard member interests, and their fleet which has grown from 107 aircraft in 1987 to over 800 aircraft today. Yet there are more than 3,800 business aircraft in Europe today, a growth of more than 25% since the start of the millennium. If you are one of the owners and operators of the 2,200 aircraft we do not represent, maybe it is time for you to join the Association and let us represent your legitimate concerns on behalf of an industry that is doing well but that is rightly anxious about its future.

As the only representative of business aviation recognised by the European Authorities, EBAA ensures, on your behalf, that business aviation's interests in Europe are represented during legislative processes. EBAA experts monitor and influence the regulations drafted by the European Institutions and actively represent your position on the matters that concern you most. Improve your business, expand your network and raise your voice. There's strength in numbers. JOIN US TODAY!

Visit the EBAA web site at www.ebaa.org.

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For more information about EBAA’s partner in EBACE, NBAA, About NBAA.

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