Why Exhibit at EBACE2014

Year after year, surveys of EBACE exhibitors and attendees demonstrate the value of EBACE to Europe and beyond. Review highlights from the EBACE2013 survey results.

Exhibitors at EBACE2013

  • 87% of EBACE2013 exhibitors say they are “highly likely” to exhibit at EBACE2014
  • 84% of EBACE2013 exhibitors plan to keep the same size exhibit space in 2014
  • 13% of EBACE2013 exhibitors expect to increase space in 2014
  • 57% of EBACE2013 exhibitors rated EBACE as an “excellent” or “very good” value
  • 41% have exhibited at EBACE for more than 10 years
  • 17% exhibited at EBACE for 9–10 years
  • 14% exhibited at EBACE for 7–8 years
  • 6% of EBACE2013 exhibitors were first-time exhibitors

Exhibitors at EBACE2013 Represented 43 Countries from Around the Globe


  • 78% – Europe
  • 13% – North America
  • 6% – Asia/Middle East
  • 2% – Africa
  • 1% – Caribbean/Central/South America

Top Five Reasons Why Exhibitors Participate at EBACE


  • 91% to see existing customers
  • 88% to maintain image, presence or awareness
  • 80% to obtain new sales leads
  • 38% to introduce new products
  • 30% to make sales at the show

EBACE2013 Attendees

  • 42% of EBACE2013 attendees were at the show for the first time
  • 26% of EBACE2013 attendees attended for 9 or more years
  • 9% of EBACE2013 attendees attended for 7–8 years
  • 25% of EBACE2013 attendees attended 5–6 years
  • 25% of EBACE2013 attendees attended 3–4 years
  • 85% of EBACE2013 attendees said they were highly likely to attend EBACE2014
  • 71% found EBACE2013 to be an “excellent” or “very good” value
  • Spent an average of 9.8 hours at the exhibits over a 2-day period
  • Spent an average of 2.2 hours at the Static Display of Aircraft

Top Six Reasons Why Attendees Come to EBACE


  • 73% to meet with clients and customers
  • 67% to network with vendors and colleagues
  • 63% to see the latest products and services
  • 62% to keep up-to-date on general industry trends and issues
  • 52% to visit companies whose products and services they utilize
  • 32% to get technical information and specifications

EBACE2013 Attendee Demographics

  • 86% – Male, 14% – Female
  • 64% – Over 40 years old, 36% – 40 or younger



EBACE Attendees & Exhibitors Share Their Thoughts About EBACE

“At EBACE all of the major players are there, with a good level of attendance by key personnel. It is a great opportunity to meet with a multitude of customers in a short space of time.”

“It is one time each year when I can see almost everyone I/we deal with in one place. It is also useful to meet up with old and new friends, exchange ideas and network.”

“It was the right place for networking, to deep dive into the industry, to give birth to new ideas, to solve the questions, to meet the partners, to make new contacts, to enjoy and to have the information on business jets at a live show.”

“EBACE is the melting pot of business aviation in Europe.”

“The Globe comes together (at EBACE) and it’s our only chance to talk to our clients personally.”

“It remains one of the most important exhibitions in business aviation, and not only in Europe.”

“It was excellent to have so many industry specialists and companies in one location. This allowed me to compare products in detail while maximizing my time. I will certainly attend again.”

*Data based on EBACE2013.