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New Aircraft, Aviation Products Expected to Debut at EBACE2014

The 2014 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2014) is a must-attend show for business aviation professionals, featuring many new aircraft and product announcements. In the past few years alone, several manufacturers used EBACE as the venue to make significant new-aircraft announcements.

Last year at EBACE, Pilatus announced the launch of its first business jet – the PC-24, creating a self-named new category of business aircraft – the “super versatile jet.” According to Pilatus, the aircraft combines the versatility of a turboprop, with the cabin size of a medium light jet, and the performance of a light jet. It seats six passengers, has a nautical range of 1,800 nautical miles and cruises at 425 knots.

In 2012, Cessna Aircraft Company and Bombardier both made major product announcements at EBACE. Cessna introduced the medium-sized, long-range business jet the Longitude, which seats up to eight passengers, has a range of 4,000 nautical miles and a maximum speed of Mach .86.

Bombardier used the show to introduce two new Learjet models, the Learjet 70 and 75. The Learjet 70 seats six passengers, travels at speeds of up to Mach .81, and has a range of 2,060 nautical miles. The Learjet 75 seats up to eight passengers and has a range of 2,040 nautical miles and a maximum speed of up to Mach .81.

Variants and upgrades were also announced in 2011, with Bombardier launching a new Global Vision cockpit for the Global Express XRS (now Global 6000) and Dassault launching the Falcon 2000S variant of the 2000LX. Cessna’s CJ4 made its European debut at EBACE 2010.

In addition to announcements from airframe manufacturers, EBACE offers product announcements from a wide variety of companies including avionics manufacturers, maintenance companies, engine manufacturers, and more.

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