Robert Baltus

Chief Operating Officer, EBAA

Robert Baltus - EBACE

Robert Baltus’ aviation experience spans nearly 20 years advising and supporting senior management and executive boards of a variety of aviation related companies. He has worked for aircraft management, fractional and charter operators and has built strong relationships with the leading business aviation companies in the industry. A business aviation specialist, Baltus is experienced in start-ups, fleet selection, training and strategic change management.

As Chief Operating Officer of the EBAA, Baltus oversees a team of experts to monitor and provide analysis on European aviation policies, and is responsible for member engagement with events such as EBACE, EBAA Safety Summit and AirOps.

He has a business management degree from HES Amsterdam and an MSc in Air Transport Management from Cranfield University, was a JAA Accountable manager and is a Commercial Pilot rated on the Boeing 737.


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