EBAA Study Finds Business Aviation is Crucial to Companies

3 August 2016

Business aviation in Europe supports hundreds of thousands of jobs, contributes significantly to the region’s economy and provides a critical transportation link to communities without airline service – these are among a number of compelling, data-driven findings in a new report from the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA).

Conducted by Booz Allen Hamilton, in collaboration with Deutsches Zentrum für Luft-und Raumfahrt, the German government’s center for aerospace, energy and transportation research, the study found that for a host of communities in Europe, business aviation often represents not only the most prudent and efficient aviation option for conducting business – in some towns, business aviation is the only aviation option, given the number of airports not served by the airlines.

EBAA Study Finds Business Aviation is Crucial to Companies

“This study reveals how crucial our industry is, not only in terms of the revenue and jobs it provides, but also the economic contribution through time savings and connectivity, which boosts productivity,” said EBAA CEO Fabio Gamba. Through its new report – Economic Impact of Business Aviation in Europe – EBAA plans to communicate the benefits of business aviation to European Commission policymakers, national governments, local officials and businesses.

Specifically, the study has found:

• There are 371,000 jobs that are either directly or indirectly dependent on the European business aviation sector.
• The effect of business aviation over the European Gross Domestic product was about 0.2 percent.
• Germany, France and the United Kingdom are the main payers in the sector, producing 63 percent of the gross value added of the industry.

This study used data from 2014, and EBAA plans to produce a follow-up study in 2018.

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