EBAA: Social Media is Key to Reshaping Perception of Business Aviation

31 May, 2018

Looking to increase the reach of its Expanding Horizons advocacy campaign, EBAA is encouraging association members and business aviation stakeholders to get involved in spreading the word via social media.

EBAA: Social Media is Key to Reshaping Perception of Business Aviation

The campaign looks to reshape the perception of business aviation over a five-year period, said Eric Drosin, EBAA’s communications director. Though millennials are a primary target of the campaign’s messaging, Drosin said they also hope to reach users and prospective users of business aviation, as well as regulators.

The values reflected across the Expanding Horizons campaign are:

  • Business aviation is pioneering
  • Business aviation is accessible
  • Business aviation is desirable
  • Business aviation is indispensable

“There is a need for the sector to scale up its communication efforts and find creative and engaging ways to share messages that explain the value of business aviation,” according to EBAA’s Mobile journalism Guidelines. “Promoting authentic, emotional and inspiring stories is at the heart of getting more people interested in business aviation.”

Those wishing to be “mobile journalists” on the behalf of the industry can start by visiting the Expanding Horizons website and sharing content, including video, infographics, photos and written content. And one of the best ways to promote the campaign is to always use the hashtag #ExpandingHorizons when talking about the value of business aviation on social media.

View the Expanding Horizons website.

The guidelines also provide social media best practices, including:

  • Deliver reliable content
  • Engage with social media followers
  • Make content clear, creative and concise
  • Be aware of the audience and tailor content accordingly
  • Be timely