Marc Bailey

CEO, British Business and General Aviation Association (BBGA)

Marc BaileyMarc Bailey is CEO of the British Business and General Aviation Association (BBGA) and has spent his entire career in aviation, working in the scheduled operator environment, MROs, SPOs and Part 147 training. He holds a full EASA Part 66 license. He has spent the last nine years at BBGA working with regulators, government agencies and key associations.

With a membership of close to 180, BBGA represents a wide cross-section of commercial GA activities with workgroups in operations, airworthiness, flight training, FBOs and membership development.

Bailey represents aviation interests in Europe as president of the European Council of General Aviation Support (ECOGAS), which enables access to EASA and the commission irrespective of Brexit outcomes. All major member states are represented on the ECOGAS board. Through ECOGAS, Bailey holds a seat on the EASA Strategic Advisory Board.

Bailey also serves as chairman for the EBAA National Association Forum, which seeks to develop national associations to ensure strength through shared objectives. He has recently joined two of the major All Party Political Groups (APPGs) for aviation in efforts to represent issues directly to government.

As part of an initiative to develop aviation services across all aviation activities, Bailey has been asked to chair the new United Kingdom Airworthiness Strategic Forum (UKASF), which brings together airlines, MROs, helicopter and commercial GA bodies to work with CAA and DfT. The objective is for industry to take the lead, where possible, in order to drive strategic issues that benefit all parties.

Bailey sits on the General and Business Aviation Strategic Forum (GBASF) working with both CAA and DfT to help shape the future direction of GA for the UK, enabling a close dialogue with the aviation minister and its department.


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