Oliver Baudson

Dassault Aviation

Olivier Baudon joined Dassault Aviation in 1999 as system engineer focusing on vision systems for military aircraft, including helmet-mounted displays and direct voice input systems. Since 2006, he has worked in the business jet area as the tech lead engineer for the heads-up display (HUD) and enhanced flight vision system (EFVS) of Falcon aircraft.

Baudon was involved in the first LCD-based HUD certification of the Falcon 7X, was in charge of the CAT IIIA and steep approach operations for the Falcon 2000, and led the full development, integration, testing and certification of the first EFVS system capable of OPS credit in Europe.
In 2012, he moved to Dassault Aviation’s navigation department as a HUD/EFVS specialist and was involved in the design of the FalconEye combined vision system (CVS) for which he owns seven related patents

Baudon was the leader for the augmented approaches to land (AAL) project that was awarded the 2017 Single European Sky Award for innovation technology by the European Commission. He is also involved in the SESAR 2020 PJ03a-04 and VLD AAL2 project aimed at supporting, easing and speeding up the deployment of EFVS operations at secondary aerodromes.

Baudon is currently the HUD/EFVS expert in the EASA RMT.0379 dedicated to All Weather Operations. He is also a member of RTCA SC 213 and EUROCAE WG79 standardization groups paving the way for EFVS/SVGS topics.

He graduated with a master’s degree in engineering optronics from Paris-Sud University and obtained a license in aeronautical and spatial equipment at the Ville d’Avray Institute of Technology, where his studies focused on optics, electronics, and aeronautical and system avionics.

Baudon has a private pilot license from the AIR BOR flight school.


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