Razvan Bucurolu


Razvan Bucuroiu works in Eurocontrol’s Network Manager Directorate as head of the network strategy and development division and acting head of the operations planning unit on network strategic projects, airspace design, capacity planning, ASM/ATFCM/ATS procedures, ATC simulations and planning tools. He joined Eurocontrol in December 2003.

Prior to joining Eurocontrol, Bucuroiu worked for almost eight years as deputy director of operations and infrastructure Europe for IATA, where he was involved in air traffic management, airspace design and navigation.

Bucuroiu began his career in the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority, where he held several positions, including the position of head of the air traffic services division.

In all his positions, Razvan worked closely with airspace user organizations, ICAO, NATO and the European Commission in operational planning matters, operational performance, air traffic management and network strategy.

Bucuroiu has an aeronautical engineering and ATC background. He graduated in Aeronautical Sciences – Air Navigation at the Polytechnical University, Bucharest, Romania. He also pursued post-university study in international economic affairs in Romania.


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