Richard Clayton

Director of Operations, The Children’s Air Ambulance

Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton is director of operations for The Air Ambulance Service (TAAS). He served for over 20 years at the National Health Service as a senior manager and clinician.

TAAS is a charity based in the Midlands of England that provides two regional doctor-led helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) in response to trauma and medical emergencies covering 3850 square miles. It has two dedicated national Children Air Ambulances that respond to pediatric and neonatal aeromedical retrieval requests from NHS specialist transport teams. TAAS services are provided via a fleet of AW109 and AW169 Leonardo helicopters.

All services provided by TAAS are free of charge to the NHS and its patients. TAAS receives no government funding for its services, which are provided entirely through the generosity of members of the public and corporate sponsors.


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Tuesday, 21 May 2019