Robert Galovic


Robert GalovicRobert Galovic is an interdisciplinary universalist focused on product management for aviation software and system design. After a 12-year military career where he served as an NBC officer, he began work in the IT sector for international companies in software development and consulting.

He has worked on software systems for business aviation since 2007 (ERP Cloud solutions), crypto currencies since 2011, and blockchains and AIs since 2014.

Galovic works across disciplines to create innovative solutions for the business aviation and airline industries. In 2018, under the label AVINOC®, he begin creating blockchain and payment systems (including NDC and OneOrder [IATA]) with UNEX, SAP and LIH (Lufthansa Innovation Hub) for the airline and business aviation industries with the goal of making interlining available between business aviation and the airlines in the near future.

He has held a private pilot‘s licenses (PPL) and LPEs for EASA since 1994 and from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) since 1997.

He received a master’s degree in engineering and management and a bachelor’s degree in physics and environmental system science.


Global Trends – Blockchain and Business Aviation
Wednesday, 22 May 2019