Static Display of Aircraft

The EBACE static display of aircraft brings together the world’s most cutting edge business aircraft in one venue. More than 50 aircraft will on display at Geneva International Airport. Aircraft will range from large intercontinental business jets, to smaller turbine-powered aircraft, as well as several single and twin-engine piston aircraft.

Please note that due to ongoing construction at Geneva International Airport, there will be no pedestrian access to the EBACE2018 static display of aircraft. Complimentary shuttle bus service will be provided to the static display location, which is a two-minute ride from Palexpo’s Hall 7.

Exhibitor Aircraft Make Aircraft Model
Aero Asset Airbus Helicopter EC155B1
Air Independence GmbH Bombardier Challenger 604
Boutsen Aviation SAM TBD TBD
Cirrus Aircraft Cirrus SR-22
Cirrus Aircraft Cirrus Vision Jet
Dassault Aviation Dassault 2000LXS
Dassault Aviation Dassault 900LX
Dassault Aviation Dassault 8X
EMBRAER Embraer Phenom 100EV
EMBRAER Embraer Phenom 300
EMBRAER Embraer Praetor 500
EMBRAER Embraer Praetor 600
EMBRAER Embraer Legacy 650
EMBRAER Embraer Lineage 1000E
Honda Aircraft Company Honda HondaJet
Honda Aircraft Company Honda HondaJet
Jetcraft TBD TBD
Jetcraft TBD TBD
Jetcraft TBD TBD
Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. Pilatus PC-12NG
Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. Pilatus PC-24
Piper Aircraft, Inc. Piper TBD
Piper Aircraft, Inc. Piper TBD
Piper Aircraft, Inc. Piper TBD
Prince Aviation Cessna CJ1
Rockwell Collins Bombardier Challenger 604
Textron Aviation Cessna TBM
Textron Aviation Cessna Latitude
Textron Aviation Cessna CJ4
Textron Aviation Cessna CJ3+
Textron Aviation Cessna M2
Textron Aviation Cessna Caravan EX
Textron Aviation Beechcraft KA350i
Textron Aviation Cessna TBD
Textron Aviation Bell 505
Textron Aviation Bell 429