EBACE2019 Education Sessions Look Toward the Future of Business Aviation

12 February, 2019

The 2019 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2019) will not only serve as the premier showcase for Europe’s business aviation industry, but also as host to a series of informative and forward-looking education sessions addressing a variety of leading-edge technologies.

EBACE2019 Innovation Zone

Located on the exhibit hall floor of Geneva’s Palexpo convention center, the EBACE2019 Innovation Zone will feature a detailed discussion about the move toward electrically powered aircraft that has gained momentum within the aerospace industry in recent years, and holds promise for many business aviation applications, particularly in Europe.

“In addition to the environmental benefits including reduced noise and pollution, the operational profile for electrified aircraft matches well to the short-distance intercontinental trips that are common across Europe,” said Bruce Parry, senior manager, environment for the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA). “We are bringing together industry experts to discuss current limitations and potential technological and regulatory changes that business aviation will need to consider in order to benefit from these new advancements.”

Other Innovation Zone sessions will examine the cost, security and data sharing benefits of blockchain technology; current and future applications for artificial intelligence and machine-learning technologies within the industry; and the evolving mobility landscape, including the question if emerging transportation modes such as “hyperloops” should be viewed as potential competitors to existing business aviation operations, or as industry partners in offering quick and efficient travel solutions for companies.

These discussions are among the more than a dozen scheduled education sessions throughout EBACE2019. Additional sessions will address the state of the industry across Europe, the impact from the ongoing “Brexit” situation and the need to maintain access to airports used by business aviation throughout the continent. Another will highlight the many humanitarian contributions provided through business aviation to the general public, including aeromedical services, aid and relief operations and rescue flights.

Taking place 21-23 May in Geneva, and co-hosted by EBAA and the National Business Aviation Association, EBACE2019 will bring together the world’s leading aviation manufacturers, top business leaders and entrepreneurs in the largest annual event dedicated to Europe’s business aviation industry.