EBACE2019 Innovation Zone, Pavilion Look to the Future of Business Aviation

AKOYA Mockup

8 May 2019

The 2019 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2019) will emphasize innovation and the latest developments for the industry with a wide array of forward-looking education sessions, including “Flying Future: Electric Propulsion and Business Aviation,” “Global Trends, Blockchain and Business Aviation,” “eVTOL: an Urban Mobility Solution” and “Lexi, Book Me a Jet.”

These informative sessions will take place at the expanded Innovation Zone, located on the EBACE2019 exhibit floor, and adjacent to the new-for-2019 Innovation Pavilion, which will feature a variety of innovative aircraft and cutting-edge technology concepts that look toward the future of business aviation.

“The Innovation Pavilion is an excellent platform for companies to display these exciting new technologies,” said Rachel Clementi, senior manager for convention and events for EBAA. “This new exhibit also positions EBACE, like Farnborough and Le Bourget, as a vital showcase for companies to feature their latest and most innovative products to business aviation audiences.”

Among the dynamic concepts to be displayed at the EBACE2019 Innovation Pavilion include:

  • Scale exterior and interior mockups of the Pegasus Vertical Business Jet, which combines state of the art vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities with the speed and range of existing business aircraft. View a video of the jet.
  • The EHang 216 Urban Air Taxi, an electrically-powered VTOL aircraft developed in partnership between leading Austrian aerospace group FACC AG and China’s EHang Air Mobility Group. View a video on the Urban Air Mobility Project.
  • A mockup of the LISA Airplanes AKOYA two-seat light aircraft, designed to operate from any surface including land, water, ice and snow.

Clementi emphasized the Innovation Pavilion isn’t simply for aircraft or VTOL concepts, but “innovation of all types,” including new technologies and software.

“Any company with a product or service that’s part of the business aviation ecosystem should think of EBACE as an important opportunity to promote it before an international audience,” she said.

View the EBACE2019 program schedule.