Robert Dingemanse

PAL-V International

Robert DingemanseAfter graduating from Delft University of Technology in electrical engineering and earning an MBA from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Dingemanse started his career at Philips Electronics where he held several executive functions. During this period, he started a series of ventures and launched new products disrupting various fields of business.

Dingemanse founded the company PAL-V International in 2008, based upon the PAL-V flying car concept, co-developed with Delft University and the Dutch Aerospace Laboratories. The company is now revolutionizing the mobility industry by commercially offering real flying cars, offering seamless door-to-door mobility while utilizing existing infrastructure.

After the commencement of flight testing the PAL-V ONE in 2012, Dingemanse and PAL-V continued with full determination to realize the commercial product: the Liberty. This product is currently in the final stages of certification and almost ready for delivery to customers from around the world.

Last year the PAL-V Liberty obtained road permissions for Europe and other countries. It is currently in the final certification phase with EASA: compliance demonstration. The PAL-V Liberty is designed to comply with existing regulations, which Dingemanse considered a vital starting point for achieving personal flying mobility. The first PAL-V Liberty flying cars have been produced and are being tested extensively.

The company is currently paving the way for the use of the Liberty flying car in the market by rolling out a network of flight schools and experience centers, and by contracting local sales and maintenance partners across the world.


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