Aircraft Display Space Assignment Procedures

Due to limited ramp space at Geneva International Airport, eligibility rules are now in place for assignment of exhibit space for the display of aircraft. Exhibitors that submit exhibit applications with payment in full by the 5 February 2021 priority deadline will be assigned aircraft display priority based on the following criteria:

Priority One

Aircraft on display by original airframe manufacturers.

Priority Two

Previously-owned aircraft for sale.

Priority Three

Aircraft with special modifications on display by exhibitors who meet minimum requirements for indoor exhibit space.

EBACE Priority-Three Aircraft Display Exhibitors must purchase and occupy a minimum amount of indoor exhibit space in proportion to their aircraft display space requirements based on the following scale:

Priority 3 Aircraft Display SpaceMinimum Indoor Exhibit Space Reserved
Up to 325 m²9 m²
326 – 750 m²36 m²
751 – 1500 m²81 m²
Over 1500 m²225 m²

Priority Four

Exhibitors who do not meet the criteria for Priority One, Two or Three or submit applications or payments in full after the 5 February 2021 deadline.

Applications from Priority Four exhibitors will be assigned space subject to availability.