Adam Twidell

CEO of PrivateFly

Adam TwidellAdam Twidell is the co-founder of PrivateFly, the leading booking platform for on-demand private charter and part of Directional Aviation’s OneSky family.

Twidell began his career as a pilot with the Royal Air Force, and then flying the Citation XL for Netjets and others. He launched PrivateFly in 2008, recognizing the opportunity to unify the fragmented charter market on one platform, linking customers to available aircraft and providing an improved marketing platform for charter operators.

With its European HQ in St Albans, and U.S. offices in Boston and Fort Lauderdale, PrivateFly has shown significant and sustained growth since, while remaining at the forefront of innovation in private charter. It was acquired by Directional Aviation in September 2018. Twidell continues to lead PrivateFly as CEO.


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Tuesday, 18 May 2021