Claire Leleu

Senior Forecaster, EUROCONTROL

Claire LeleuClaire Leleu is a senior forecaster at EUROCONTROL, European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation. Since 2012, Leleu has run STATFOR, the EUROCONTROL Statistics and Forecast Service. She is responsible for the delivery of objective air traffic forecasts for every state in Europe, and beyond.

In 2001, Leleu worked for EUROCONTROL as a consultant, developing complexity metrics in the air traffic capacity management domain that are now applied to benchmark air control centres in Europe by the performance review bodies.

In 2008, she was appointed as a forecaster at the EUROCONTROL Network Manager Operations Centre, delivering market analyses and statistics to the air traffic management community. She became an expert in air traffic forecasts and is then involved in various publications, including the “Challenges of Growth” studies.

Leleu graduated from Paris-IX Dauphine University with Ph.D in applied mathematics. She is a member of the Dauphine University Alumni, the Royal Statistical Society and involved in the Forum for European Aerospace Market Analysis.

She is based at EUROCONTROL headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.


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