Jean Botti

CEO and CTO, VoltAero

Jean Botti - EBACE

Botti began his career at Renault in 1978 before joining the Chassis Engineering division of General Motors, Delphi in the U.S. in 1989. From 1989 to 2006 he held various executive positions from Chassis, Steering and Powertrain. His Last Position at Delphi was Business Line Executive for the Powertrain product line, before joining Airbus Group in 2006 as CTO and member of the executive committee.

At Airbus Group, he led innovation in various areas, including the E-Fan all-electric aircraft – a pioneering project for which he has received many international awards: one of it is the prestigious “Pro Pilot Award” for the “Best Aviation Technical Development of the Year 2015” at the 13th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards in Los Angeles.

As of 2021, Botti holds 31 patents and 4 defensive publications for the work carried out over the course of his career, and was elected as a Delphi Hall of Fame fellow.

Botti holds degrees from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); and MBA from Central Michigan University; a PhD from the National Conservatory of Arts & Trades (CNAM); and honorary degrees from Cardiff University, Bath University and the University of South Alabama.


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