Sergey Starkov


Sergey Starkov - EBACE

Sergey Starkov joined Flight Consulting Group in 2013 with the purpose of bringing its Dispatch Center to the next level. This project included changes in organizational structure, operational approach and digital transformation. Now FCG OPS is the largest Operational Control Center in Europe providing services for business jets, military, governmental and other non-scheduled carriers. Besides dispatch services, FCG OPS provides refueling and ground services in 40+ airports in Baltics, Scandinavia, CIS and Eastern Europe.

Starkov has an IT background and before joining the aviation industry he used to run software development business. During his career he has accumulated deep knowledge and experience in business management and development.

Starkov has an Executive MBA degree from Stockholm School of Economy and is now upgrading his skills in Harvard Business School. He also holds an FAA Aircraft Dispatch license from FlightSafety Academy, New York.


Operational Challenges in the Next 12 Months
Monday, 23 May 2022
14:00 – 15:00