Waleed Muhiddin

Director Business Development & Marketing, AMAC Aerospace

Waleed MuhiddinWaleed Muhiddin was born in Kuwait with Jet A1 fuel up his nose. Coming from an aviation-affiliated family, aircraft mean everything from work to pleasure. He and his two younger brothers represent the second generation legacy of their father, Kadri Muhiddin.

Waleed Muhiddin completed all his education in the UK. He has a BSc. in International Business Studies with French and a MSc. in Global Transformations from UK universities. He spent an internship at Jet Aviation in the early 2000’s, entered the business aviation world through Geneva, joining AMAC Aerospace since its inception.

Now with nearly 20 years experience, Muhiddin plays an integral part of the marketing and business development for the AMAC group of companies. Whether at international shows, meeting OEMs/suppliers, participating in high level discussions concerning completion projects, optimizing inter-group activities, filming and producing high-end promotional materials, working with the industry’s media, Muhiddin has gained the trust and friendships from across the business aviation sector for his candor and way of looking at things.

His pleasures in life so far are his family, visiting new and interesting places on earth, helping make a better world for the next generation, bringing women to the forefront of the aviation industry and flying his paramotor around the world.


Long-term Strategies for the Future of Business Aviation
Tuesday, 24 May 2022