Adam Twidell

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Adam Twidell

After serving 10 years as a RAF pilot, Adam Twidell entered the world of private aviation with NetJets. Following a period of tremendous growth in private aviation, he teamed up with London City Airport, winning the contract to develop RAF Northolt into an exclusive private jet hub for London.

Having seen the industry from all angles Twidell spotted a need in the market for a technology-driven, online, private jet booking platform and Founded PrivateFly in 2008. The business was sold to the Flexjet Group, part of Directional Aviation, in 2018.

Twidell’s passion for aviation continues with a Flexjet group role looking at their investments in the future of flight, including eVTOLs and hydrogen-powered aircraft and the associated infrastructure.

As a passionate GA pilot, Twidell recently completed his electric aircraft differences course and now flies the Pipistrel (all-electric) Electra, motor gliders, as well as his vintage Cessna 210.


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