Claude Hurley

Director, Environment & Flight Operations, IBAC

Claude Hurley

Claude Hurley, an aviation professional with over 35 years of experience, leads environmental and flight operations initiatives for the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC). In these roles, he represents IBAC at key International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) bodies that develop international standards on environmental and operational safety matters. Hurley is also IBAC’s nominee to ICAO’s Advanced Air Mobility Study Group, tasked with harmonizing global efforts to establish regulatory frameworks to enable the safe integration of these rapidly evolving new entrants such as eVTOLs into our shared skies.

Prior to joining IBAC, Hurley was Canada’s Representative on the ICAO Council, and previously served six years as an ICAO Air Navigation Commissioner, including two terms as the Commission’s President. While at ICAO, Hurley worked on a range of key issues regarding the environment, safety, security, aviation’s restart and recovery from the pandemic, and the introduction of new entrants to the air transport system.

Hurley’s career in aviation began in the Canadian Armed Forces flying in tactical aviation and search-and-rescue roles. His civilian flying career spanned remote operations in the Canadian arctic, as an air ambulance pilot, to flying operations overseas, where he served as a training pilot, check pilot, technical type pilot and base manager. In 2010, Hurley joined Transport Canada, where he soon led teams responsible for aviation safety oversight, and later continued his substantive position as a Transport Canada Executive while on assignment at ICAO.


Aviation Sustainability: More Than CO2 Emissions
Thursday, 30 May 2024
10:00 – 11:00