Harry Clarke

Lead Data Analyst, Avinode

Harry Clarke

Harry Clarke is Avinode Group’s lead data analyst and has been unlocking valuable insights from Avinode’s charter marketplace data since 2018. With a keen eye for detail, Clarke leverages his expertise to help provide data and insights to support the business aviation industry. Clarke and the Avinode Group team create reports and insights with data to help aviation businesses optimize operations, increase efficiency, and drive growth through data-driven decisions.

Before joining Avinode, Clarke designed revenue management algorithms for one of Europe’s leading low-cost airlines, giving him an intimate understanding of the industry’s intricacies.

Clarke holds a Master’s degree from Oxford University, where he developed a deep understanding of statistical analysis and data science. His insights and findings are regularly featured in leading aviation publications. In the past few years, his work at Avinode Group has also made him an appreciated presenter at industry conferences.

When not studying data, Clarke enjoys exploring new places across the globe and likes hiking and discovering nature on foot with his son.


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