EBACE2024\ Exhibitor Move-Out Bulletin


Truck Waiting Area / Permitted Access / Parking

No stand builder trucks, no vans or cars will be permitted access to Halls 4, 5 and 6 until ALL empty containers have been returned on Thursday evening, 30 May. It is anticipated that trucks will be granted access starting 23:00 through ramp P-49. Cars/vans less than 2m in height may park in P12 and use hand trucks/dollies to transport materials. Exhibitors who park in P12 lot must use Door 48 to move trolleys/hand trucks into Palexpo. Vans over 2m in height must park in P-Parc.  

Exhibitor and Stand Builder Access

Trucks may stage in the waiting area at P-49 beginning at 12:00 noon on Thursday 30 May. Trucks may only access the halls via the P-49 ramp. 

Access – EBACE Freight Check-In Gate P-49 

Parking for vans & stand builders’ vehicles is available in P12 & P-Parc.  

Security Wristband Distribution

Thursday, 30 May 

Aircraft Display – Pick up at P-49 gate, beginning at 12:00 noon; access to aircraft display via Hall 6 and aircraft display buses beginning at 13:00. 

Indoor Exhibits – Pick up at P-49 gate and Door 48, from 12:00-21:00; access begins at 15:00. 

Friday 31 May – 07:00 – 10:00, Pick up at P-49 gate and door 48. 


All persons working in the exhibit halls during move-out are required to wear high visibility vests, hard hats and closed-toe shoes.

Compulsory Vehicle Check-In Procedure

Every vehicle wishing to access the venue’s unloading/loading gates must be registered before its arrival on-site. This registration must be done on the ExpoLog time slot booking platform. Access booking link is accessible at: https://www.expolog-geneva.ch/  

Freight Handling / Crate Return

ExpoLog: Location – Container outside Door 620, Hall 6; Tel: +41 (0) 22 761 22 97 

Customs: Freight, handling, transport, customs, Palexpo Regulations, Article 4.2. ATA Carnet or other document to be registered at the Palexpo customs office or with ExpoLog. 

Crate Return: ExpoLog will begin returning empty containers as soon as the aisle carpeting is removed from the exhibit floor. The process to return empties in Exhibit Halls 4, 5 & 6 will take approx. 9 hours. Inclement weather may delay this process.

  • No deposits of any kind are permitted outside exhibitors’ stand areas. 
  • All vehicles must be removed after a maximum of 90 minutes. 
  • No parking is permitted in front or across the gates.

Exhibitor Service Desk

Located in Hall 4 next to Bistro 

Thursday, 30 May 08:00 – 18:00

Friday, 31 May 08:00 – 15:00

Saturday, 1 June – 1st Floor of Palexpo Administration Building      08:00 – 15:00 

  • Technical Installations & waste removal: Palexpo +41 (0) 22 761 11 27 
  • Show Contractor: Freeman +44 (0) 20 3893 5702
  • Shell scheme booths, furniture, carpet, graphics: Freeman 
  • Official freight handling: ExpoLog +41 (0) 22 761 22 97 

PLEASE NOTE: Claims are not accepted after the end of the show

Palexpo Hall Supervisor:  Phone +41 22 761 12 07

NOTE: Declaration of site clearance must be requested from the Hall supervisor before leaving to avoid any further waste being invoiced after the exhibition.  

Indoor Exhibits Move-Out Schedule – Halls 4, 5, 6

Thursday, 30 May 

No teardown is permitted until the show closes at 15:00 on Thursday, 30 May. 

15:00: Show closes, exhibitors may begin to move out*

23:00: Trucks granted access from P-49 

Friday, 31 May 

07:00 Exhibitor move-out continues

12:00 Shell scheme booths must be completely removed from Palexpo 

Move-out can continue all night with no extended work hours fees, but exhibitors must inform the Exhibitor Service Desk on Thursday and Friday before 17:00, so lights can be set to stay on.  

Saturday, 1 June 07:00 – 15:00

07:00 Exhibitor move out continues

On Saturday exhibitors wishing to work after 13:00 must notify the desk in the 1st floor of the Palexpo Admin Building, so lights can be set to stay on.  

EACs needing to work after 15:00 on Saturday will be required to hire Securitas, which will be charged to stand builder/exhibitor.  

For all move-out days, take note of the below:

  •  All truck access to the exhibit halls must be coordinated through the P-49 marshaling yard. Please refer to vehicle check-in details. 
  • Individual (POV) cars and trucks shorter than 2m may park in the P12 lot and use hand trucks/trolleys to move their exhibit materials from the hall. Vehicles over 2m high can park in P-Parc.
  • Carts of all kinds are prohibited on red flooring outside of Palexpo. 
  • Exhibitors and stand builders are responsible for the disposal of their trash and unused materials. 
  • Waste bags, bins and pallets can be ordered through Palexpo at the Exhibitor Service Desk or through the Hall Supervisor. 
  • Exhibitors found to be moving out early may jeopardize their exhibit space placement for EBACE2025. 

Important Notice: 

  • Children under 18 are not permitted in the exhibit hall during move-out. 
  • Protect your belongings. Exhibitors are responsible for their goods. 
  • Don’t leave valuables unattended during move-out. 
  • Valuables should be secured with lock and key. 
  • Additional stand security may be ordered from Securitas.

Waste Removal

Exhibitors/EACs are responsible for properly disposing of all booth trash and unused materials during move-out. Order red plastic waste bags or waste bins at the Palexpo counter located at the Exhibitor Service Desk in Hall 4 (on Saturday in the Palexpo Admin building). All “wood” waste must be put on pallets, weighed and taken away by Palexpo at CHF 390.-/ton (CHF 480.- in bulk). Pallets can be ordered through the Palexpo counter located at the Exhibitor Service Desk, in Hall 4. The Palexpo Hall Supervisor will be monitoring this throughout the entire EBACE event.  

Emergencies / First Aid/ Security

First Aid is located in Hall 3, Room Secretariat 3.

Accident, fire, theft call: +41 (0) 22 761 16 70 

Fire-fighting equipment must be accessible at all times. 


Emergencies: +41 (0) 22 761 16 70

Palexpo Technical Services:  

+41 (0) 22 761 11 27

Palexpo Hall supervisor:  

+41 (0) 22 761 12 07

Freight Handling ExpoLog: 

+41 (0) 22 761 22 97 

Freeman Exhibitor Service Desk: 

+44 (0) 20 3893 5702

Security Guard Service (Securitas):

 +41(0) 22 761 16 81  

E-mail: [email protected]  


+41 (0) 79 798 72 12

Lost & Found: 

+41 (0) 22 761 11 27

Show Management – Indoor Exhibits: 

Sarah Kurusz: +1 (202) 802-0318 (departs 5/31)

Shelby Rees: +1 (771) 216-2892 (departs 5/31)

Sacha Carey: +1 (202) 821-8814 (departs 6/1)

Stefanie Walter: +1 (202) 203-0609 (departs 5/31)

Show Management – Aircraft Display: 

Joe Hart: +1 (202) 415-1219

Sarah Wolf: +1 (202) 280-8729 

Bars & Restaurants

Lunch and drinks are available on Friday, 31 May from 08:00 to 18:00 at Le Central restaurant and Bar Point Central located in the Palexpo Entrance Lobby near Hall 3.  

Aircraft Display Move-Out Schedule

Thursday, 30 May 

Due to the need for aircraft movements to begin at 16:45, the following move-out schedule for the aircraft display must be strictly followed. 

12:00: EACs/Stand Builders pick up wristbands from P-49 Gate 

13:00: EACs/Stand Builders may begin boarding bus for aircraft display; wristbands are required to board bus 

14:00 Last bus leaves to aircraft display for attendees 

14:00 Exhibitors may begin tearing down exhibits 

14:45 Last bus from Hall 6 to aircraft display for exhibitors/EACs 

15:30 All exhibitor materials must be removed from ramp or forklift ready 

15:30 All exhibitors and EACs must depart the ramp 

15:30 Last bus from aircraft display to Hall 6 

16:45 Aircraft movements begin 

  • Exhibitors are responsible for removing ALL waste from aircraft display. 
  • Any materials remaining on aircraft display after 15:00 will be removed by EBACE management with billing for labor charged directly to the exhibitor. 
  • All truck access to the aircraft display must be coordinated through ExpoLog in advance.  

Thank you for participating in EBACE2024! 

Mark your calendar for EBACE2025 20-22 May!