Exhibitor Profile: ATEQ Aviation

Paris-Based Testing Equipment Maker Returns to EBACE to Grow Aviation Division

25 May 2016

ATEQ is 40-year-old company that designs testing equipment for automakers and research laboratories around the world. A few years ago, the Paris-based manufacturer launched an aviation division, making avionics and battery testing gear for the hangar and the factory.

EBACE Exhibitor: ATEQ

“We’ve been in aviation for about five years, so it’s a brand new division for us,” said Gabriel Nativel, global sales manager of ATEQ’s aviation division. “We’ve come to EBACE all five years to promote ATEQ, and improve the reputation of the brand in the aviation market.”

The aviation division has grown to about 10 percent of ATEQ’s worldwide business, employing about 30 of its 400 employees. Their portable pitot-static testing equipment and adaptor kits are RVSM compliant with built-in leak detectors and battery testers.

About half of ATEQ’s aviation customers are maintenance shops or commercial operators’ in-house maintenance departments. The other half are aircraft OEMs. At EBACE, they meet both, but mostly do business with maintenance shops from around the world.

“The target for the show is to get contacts, network and build the reputation,” said Nativel. “This year seems to be very successful, we have some very interesting leads. Year after year it gets better and better.”

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