Part NCC Among Highlights on Agenda for EBACE International Aircraft Transactions Seminar

5 April 2016

The European Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA’s) Part NCC (non-commercial complex) rules, which require operators to implement a safety management system among other mandates, are scheduled to take effect on Aug. 25, 2016, yet many business aircraft operators are still uncertain of the rule’s applicability to their operations and requirements for compliance.

Part NCC Among Highlights on Agenda for EBACE International Aircraft Transactions Seminar

This year’s International Aircraft Transactions seminar, which takes place May 23, one day before the official start of EBACE, will highlight these scheduled rules, and feature a panel discussion on Part NCC applicability and implementation. The seminar also will offer in-depth sessions on structuring aircraft ownership and operations, VAT, aircraft importation and the latest business aircraft market analysis.

“This seminar, designed for aircraft financiers, attorneys, operators and other aviation advisors, is a unique opportunity to hear updates on critical issues pertinent to the European business aviation environment,” said Scott O’Brien, NBAA’s senior manager of finance and tax policy. “With the implementation date of Part-NCC looming, this year’s seminar will provide guidance for business aircraft operators as they prepare to comply.”

A panel of experts will explain how the regulations apply to European-based business aircraft operators, and how the rule will impact insurance and oversight by civil aviation authorities. Part NCC generally applies to non-commercial complex motor-powered aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight greater than 5,700 kg (12,566 pounds) or more than 19 seats. The rule applies to complex aircraft operators registered in the EASA zone or when the operator’s principal place of business is in an EASA state.

“The International Transactions Seminar is a fantastic event to discuss issues which impact both sides of the Atlantic. With Part NCC being a hot topic in the EU and beyond this panel of experts will discuss the practical implications for aircraft owners and operators,” said Heather Gordon panel moderator and legal counsel for ICM Group in the Isle of Man.

One challenging aspect of Part NCC to be discussed by the panel is determining which entity is the “operator” of the aircraft, as that person will have responsibility for compliance. For aircraft that are operated by a professional operator, it is critical that agreements are carefully reviewed in light of Part NCC requirements.

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