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Video: EBACE2019 Showcases What's Possible in Business Aviation

EBACE TV: Show Highlights Possibilities in Business Aviation

At the 2019 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2019), the future of the industry is on display on the exhibit floor and in education sessions taking place throughout the event. “The very definition of aviation is changing right before our eyes,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. “Today, we have drones, we have electric vehicles, we have supersonic on the verge, we have commercial space launches going on all around us, and so we know we’re living in a time of change.” Watch the video for more about new technology featured at the show..


Operators, OEMs, Fuelers Attest: SAJF is Clean, Lower Carbon Jet-A

Operators, OEMs, Fuelers Attest: SAJF Is Clean, Lower Carbon Jet-A

At EBACE2019, a panel of industry experts explained what it means to use sustainable alternative jet fuels (SAJF) in business aircraft, and marked the progress since last year’s EBACE. “Nearly half the airplanes in the static display flew here [to EBACE2019] on SAJF,” said Brad Nolen, Bombardier vice president of marketing and strategy. “This is a drop-in fuel. All our airplanes, from the manufacturers sitting up here, can take this fuel, and when you fly on it, you will notice no difference.” Learn more about SAJF.


Always Be Prepared to Respond to the Public, Say Aviation Crisis Specialists

Always Be Prepared to Respond to the Public, Say Aviation Crisis Specialists

Pilots rely on checklists and training to manage operational risk – the same tools that organizations can use to manage reputational risk. Those tools, and how to prepare for the unexpected, were the focus of a crisis communications panel at EBACE2019. “In a crisis, your brand is on fire and you have to extinguish it,” said moderator Taunya Renson-Martin, a strategic communications advisor for EBAA. “The role of crisis communications is to prevent further escalation of the crisis and to gain trust back from your internal and external stakeholders.” Read more about communicating through a crisis.



Keynote: Volocopter CEO Seeks Business Aviation Partners at EBACE2019

Record Numbers of Aircraft Fly to EBACE on Alternative Fuel

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