EBACE Multipliers

EBACE multipliers are organizations whose members and customers have an interest in the aviation community. They actively promote and market EBACE attendance to their contacts, and in turn, gain visibility among the 13,000 EBACE attendees, along with unique opportunities for their customers. To learn more about becoming an EBACE multiplier, contact Courtney Oliveira.


Aerobuzz.de is the premium website for aviation news in German, made by professionals with decades of experience in aerospace journalism. Core topics are Business Aviation, General Aviation, Air Transport and Defense. aerobuzz.de and aerobuzz.fr form the first Pan-European Digital Aviation News Network.



Aerobuzz.fr is the leading Website for Aviation News in French Language. It covers every fields of activity in aeronautics since 2009. Every month, Aerobuzz.fr is read by more than 120.000 readers.


Aero Alsace

The purpose of Aero’Alsace is to promote aircraft, airport and space industries in Alsace. The association is composed of major industrial groups, small and medium-sized firms, airports, educational institutions, and representatives from economic development who federate all the members.

Contact: [email protected]


Aerospace Cluster

Aerospace Cluster Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes federates 200 regional players (companies, research institutes and training centers) specialized in design, production and sales of aerospace technologies, products and services. Its mission is to bring together skills, energies and resources to design, develop, produce and sell high performance aerospace solutions.



AOPA Switzerland

AOPA SwitzerlandFounded in 1964, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Switzerland (AOPA) became one of the 73 sister organizations grouped in the International Council of AOPA with 470’000 members worldwide. With more than 2000 Swiss members, our organization is the leading voice of General Aviation in Switzerland. It promotes, preserves and represents the interests of General Aviation at national and international level. divider

Journal de l'aviation

Live the Aviation with our team!
Founded in 1973, Aviation et Pilote is the foremost independent aviation magazine. Covering all aspects of aviation, from General Aviation to Airlines, the magazine brings technical information and news to the reader that wants to know what is going on that ever changing market. Maintaining constant tight relationships with all the players of the aviation sector, the editors and journalists of the magazine are knowledgeable to everything that will impact businesses, pilots, air crews, maintenance operators, airlines and charter operators. The private pilots are not forgotten, far from it, our editors are rated pilots that operate GA planes all year round. The magazine strongly supports General Aviation, including business use of light airplanes and recreational flying. Each month, pilot readers look forward to the latest in flight test, reports on regulations and, in general, every subject related to flying. Product testing is also one of the things that readers always look forward to!



Aviator.at is an Austrian website with extensive information for private and professional aviators, including an airspace listing, aerial photographs, slopes, attractions, opening hours, contacts and telephone numbers from airfields, transport on the spot, fuel, training facilities, clubs, associations, various aerodrome lists, weather reports, and more.

For more information: Aviator.at



In 2006 the Bavarian government bestowed bavAIRia, located at the Oberpfaffenhofen Special Airport near Munich. Since then it has been a competent point of contact for questions relating to aviation and space activities in Bavaria. In addition to encouraging cooperation among industry, research institutions and the political sphere, bavAIRia has the goal of supporting its members with local marketing, advice and services.

For more information: www.bavairia.net/bavairia-ev/


Berlin-Brandenburg Aerospace Allianz​

The BBAA is the regional trade association of the aerospace industry in Berlin-Brandenburg. From highly specialized small companies to global enterprises – the 100 members cover a wide range of aerospace companies, research institutions and universities. We therefore represent the majority of the approximately 25,000 people who live of the aerospace industry in the captial region.

Since its foundation in 1998 the BBAA evolved to a network of companies, educational and research institutions, which benefits from synergies and strengthens the regional aerospace industry.




BodenseeAIRea is an initiative of the Lake Constance Business Development Office to form a regional aerospace industry network, a so-called cluster initiative. BodenseeAIrea currently has 27 members, including 23 companies, two colleges, one university and a Fraunhofer Insitute. Since 2015, the Lake Constance and Upper Swabia Chamber of Industry and Commerce has also been involved as a project partner.



Catherineau is a French family-run company specialized in aircraft completion. To-date, Catherineau has contributed to the interiors of more than 2,000 aircraft and helicopters for renowned manufacturers, combining tradition with modernity. The precision and beauty of its realisations express a mastery of this art, and continuously reinforce the company’s position as a market leader.


Competence Center Aerospace Kassel-Calden (CCA)

Competence Center Aerospace Kassel-Calden (CCA) is the network for aviation and aerospace industry in Central Germany. Founded in 2011 the CCA is representing 50 members and over 3.000 employees. Education institutions, universities and institutes of technology complete the network.


DéplacementsPros: Top business travel information source for French-speaking countries with daily newsletter reaching over 52,000 subscribers.



EACP is a network of European Aerospace Clusters which aims to connect its 40 members in 15 countries by working together on a level of mutual trust and teaming up project partners since 2009. Coordinated by Hamburg Aviation, the member service is improved by the best practice exchange of all members.

For more information please see eacp-aero.eu.



The German Business Aviation Association e. V. (GBAA) was founded on 1985. Since then its task has been to represent and promoting the interests of Business and General Aviation both nationally and internationally.

With more than 70 members from different aviation sectors like non-commercial aviation, corporate aviation, aircraft manufacturers, maintenance facilities, financial companies and others the GBAA has lots of power to express general policies and views of the General Aviation industry.

The GBAA enters into discussions with local governments and authorities to obtain operational requirements for their members at its best.

For more information please see www.gbaa.de.


 Hamburg Aviation

Hamburg Aviation More than 40,000 personnel make Hamburg the world’s third largest civil aviation site and a leading competency center for aircraft cabins. Companies such as Airbus and Lufthansa Technik, universities, economic authorities and research institutions join into the network Hamburg Aviation, dedicated to advancing the “Aircraft Interiors Region”.



HANSE-AEROSPACE e.V. is an association of more than 160 small and medium-sized enterprises in the aviation and space industries. Its members include manufacturers, development and maintenance companies, as well as aerospace-oriented personnel, engineering service providers and consultants. Further education institutions, universities and institutes of technology round off the membership.


Helico Revue

Helico Revue is a RC & Full Size Helicopter Magazine published in Switzerland in French and German. It is a magazine devoted to world of helicopters and appears six times a year at the end of the even months. It offers a wide range of items, both in civilian and military areas, such as helicopter rescue, transport or pilot training, or articles related to the history of aerostation and technical development.

For more information: www.helico-revue.com.


Interessengemeinschaft der regionalen Flugplätze e.V.

The Interessengemeinschaft der regionalen Flugplätze e.V. (Interest Group of Regional Airports, Germany) founded in 2005 by then over 70 regional commercial airports and landing fields, is an association with over 100 members.
As the interest group for general aviation services, the IDRF represents the common interests of its members and promotes the optimal usage of existing facilities and capacities as well as the needs-based maintenance and expansion of the comprehensive air traffic infrastructure in Germany.


IASA e.V. – International Association for Sustainable Aviation

The IASA e.V. – International Association for Sustainable Aviation is an independent, non-profit association under German law aiming to support the progress of sustainability in aviation as a whole. In this capacity, IASA facilitates and supports technical conferences, seminars and workshops. IASA also provides current information about and analytical insight into sustainable aviation to its members, the professional aerospace community and the general public. Join IASA for sustainable air transport, global climate protection, innovation, future aviation technologies and fuels, responsible carbon neutral growth and more business!

Additional information is available online at: www.iasaev.org.


IFAERO Flight Training Center

IFAERO Flight Training Center is an “approved training organization” (ATO) based in Cannes airport on the stunning French Riviera. On its CJ1+ FTD level 2 – FNPT II MCC simulator, IFAERO proposes training courses such as C525 type rating, MCC/JOC, TRI/ TRE, PBN APCH, but also DRY or WET-lease of the simulator for personalized recurrent training.


Le Journal de l’Aviation

Le Journal de l’Aviationis the 1st 100% digital aviation online journal.
Since 2011, we have been bringing to aviation professionals the latest news in their field from around the world. Our 5 journalists team cover all sectors of the aviation industry thanks to our 6 dedicated sections:

Airlines – Industry – Defence – MRO – Career – Space

A private and independent press activity, owned by Aerocontact Group (Aerocontact, Aviaexpo, and Aviation World News).

Available on tablets and smartphones.


Let's Fly

Let’s Fly gives you access to a worldwide fleet of business jets. With a simple Phone call, Let’s Fly will put at your disposal an aircraft adapted to your routing, passenger count and your budget.


LR BW - Forum Luft

LR BW – Forum Luft- und Raumfahrt Baden-Württemberg e.V.

Aerospace is an important economic sector in the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Big world-leading companies as well as SMEs operate from different locations in our area. As stakeholder and voice of the aerospace industry in southwestern Germany, the Forum Aerospace Baden-Wuerttemberg (LR BW) increase the global competing power of local companies – with special focus on the medium size supplier industry.



luftfahrtportal.de” is an aerospace and travelling online portal in German Language. Since 2008, we providing news and relevant information about the Aerospace Industry & Technology, Airports, Aerospace History, Flying Sports, Airlines and Travelling. A private and independent online portal, owned by the investinformer GmbH.




Based in the heart of Europe,MJET provides a wide range of aviation services. Since 2007 MJET is holder of an Austrian Operating License and AOC authorizing commercial operation of aircraft. The company manages a medium sized fleet and is specialized in large cabin aircraft operations, executive jet sales and acquisitions, pre-delivery and inspection services.



Neopolia Aerospace

NEOPOLIA Aerospace is one of the 6 business clusters of NEOPOLIA. It brings together 67 members from the Pays de la Loire Region, which pool their expertise and collaborate in order to respond to the needs of the aeronautics market. The organization of Neopolia Aerospace is based on a factual business management with a unique interface between the client and the subcontractor. Drawing on the synergy of its diverse members, Neopolia Aerospace is a provider of comprehensive and lasting solutions for Aerostructures, Systems & Equipments, Cabin interiors, Industrial process and MRO.


Niedersachsen Aviation

Niedersachsen Aviation is your network for aviation and aerospace industry in Northern Germany representing more than 250 companies and 30.000+ employees.


Old Course Golf

Old Course Golf: Founded in 1891 by the Grand Duke Michael of Russia and visited by all the royalties of Europe, the Old Course Golf Cannes-Mandelieu is one of the most mythical places of the Côte d’Azur. His 18 holes course crossing the Siagne River in a ferryboat during a game represents a unique feature. Located by the seaside, the “Old Course” offers a surface of 74 hectares planted with 4,000 pine umbrellas, with his 9 holes, Pitch&Putt and Academy attracts 45,000 players per year.

Union des Aéroports Français UAF

With more than 150 members, the Union des Aéroports Français (UAF) is the professional organisation of French airports, whatever their size and specialty. Its main mission is to defend and promote the interests of the French airport community to French and European decision-makers. The UAF is an associate member of the National Federation of Commercial Aviation (FNAM) and the Airports Council International (ACI Europe).

The airports of the UAF carry 186 million passengers, organise 5.2 million aircraft flights and transport 2.5 million tonnes of cargo ​every year. They also have a workforce of nearly 200,000 and an annual GDP of more than 82 billion Euros.