Tine Tomažič

CTO of Pipistrel

Tine TomažičDr. Tine Tomažič is a globally recognized expert in the field of electric flight, who’s work on systems automation and human/machine interfaces ranges from autopilot technologies for unmanned aerial vehicles to electric and hybrid-electric propulsion systems.

Tomažič was involved in development of the world’s first 2-seat and 4-seat electric aircraft, the Taurus Electro and the Taurus G4.

Tomažič is an active participant with the ASTM F44.40/50 working group to rewrite general aviation design standards to allow for the proliferation of electric flight. He is also a member of SAE E.40, SAE AE-7D, JARUS and EASA’s Technology for Safety (T4S) initiative.

Tomažič received a Bachelor of Science and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from University of Ljubljana.


EBACE Newsmakers Luncheon (By Invitation Only)
Sustainability – A Flight Plan for the Future

Monday, 23 May 2022
12:00 – 13:30