For EBACE2022, Geneva is Open for Business

Geneva and the Jet d'Eau

3 March 2022

Excitement and momentum are building in the runup to the 2022 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2022) in Geneva, and the host city has new plans to welcome EBACE participants, with a focus on smart safety planning for the city’s gatherings.

Specifically, the Swiss Federal Council recently announced targeted steps to ease travel and mobility in regard to COVID-19 for showgoers and others. The council has halted requirements to present a COVID-19 vaccination certificate upon entry to most events, and a similar end to restrictions for entry into Switzerland from abroad.

That said, mask restrictions will remain in place through the end of March on public transportation and in healthcare facilities. Additionally, under the EBACE COVID-19 guidelines, anyone testing positive for COVID will be required to isolate for five days. Additional information about current guidelines is available at

“NBAA’s highest priority is to ensure that show participants can reconnect in-person in a safe and secure manner, and the steps taken by the council are a welcome step in that direction,” said Chris Strong, National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) senior vice president, events.

Echivard Philippe, CEO of operations for EBACE2022 host venue Palexpo, agreed, adding: “We are incredibly pleased to welcome the world back to Geneva for this year’s EBACE and other events at our facility this year.”

“EBACE is shaping up to be a great show, with excitement and enthusiasm building among exhibitors and attendees,” Strong added.

“We are thrilled to have EBACE in 2022 and welcome the opportunity to bring together the business aviation industry with open arms,” said Robert Baltus, COO of the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA).

Taking place from 23-25 May, EBACE2022, which is co-hosted by EBAA and NBAA, will showcase the very latest in business aviation throughout the European continent, including a variety of exciting near-future transportation technologies like advanced air mobility and initiatives promoting greater environmental sustainability throughout the industry.