EBACE Multipliers

EBACE multipliers are organizations whose members and customers have an interest in the aviation community. They actively promote and market EBACE attendance to their contacts, and in turn, gain visibility among the 13,000 EBACE attendees, along with unique opportunities for their customers. To learn more about becoming an EBACE multiplier, contact Courtney Easton.


Aviation et Pilote

The purpose of Aero’Alsace is to promote aircraft, airport and space industries in Alsace. The association is composed of major industrial groups, small and medium-sized firms, airports, educational institutions, and representatives from economic development who federate all the members.
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Aviation et Pilote

Live the Aviation with our team!

Founded in 1973, Aviation et Pilote is the foremost independent aviation magazine. Covering all aspects of aviation, from General Aviation to Airlines, the magazine brings technical information and news to the reader that wants to know what is going on that ever changing market. Maintaining constant tight relationships with all the players of the aviation sector, the editors and journalists of the magazine are knowledgeable to everything that will impact businesses, pilots, air crews, maintenance operators, airlines and charter operators.

The private pilots are not forgotten, far from it, our editors are rated pilots that operate GA planes all year round. The magazine strongly supports General Aviation, including business use of light airplanes and recreational flying. Each month, pilot readers look forward to the latest in flight test, reports on regulations and, in general, every subject related to flying. Product testing is also one of the things that readers always look forward to! With 43 years of publishing, Aviation et Pilote is close to its readers on Lognes airport (LFPL), 20 min eastbound Paris.

Aviation et Pilote
Phone : + 33 (01) 64 62 54 20



In 2006 the Bavarian government bestowed bavAIRia, located at the Oberpfaffenhofen Special Airport near Munich. Since then it has been a competent point of contact for questions relating to aviation and space activities in Bavaria. In addition to encouraging cooperation among industry, research institutions and the political sphere, bavAIRia has the goal of supporting its members with local marketing, advice and services.


Aviation et Pilote

The BBAA is the regional trade association of the aerospace industry in Berlin-Brandenburg. From highly specialized small companies to global enterprises – the 100 members cover a wide range of aerospace companies, research institutions and universities. We therefore represent the majority of the approximately 25,000 people who live of the aerospace industry in the captial region.

Since its foundation in 1998 the BBAA evolved to a network of companies, educational and research institutions, which benefits from synergies and strengthens the regional aerospace industry.

Further information: [email protected] / www.bbaa.de


Bodensee AIRea Project

Bodensee AIRea Project is an initiative of the Lake Constance Business Development Office to form a regional aerospace industry network, a so-called cluster initiative. BodenseeAIrea currently has 28 members, including 24 companies, two colleges, one university and a fraunhofer insitute. Since 2015, the Lake Constance and Upper Swabia Chamber of Industry and Commerce has also been involved as a project partner.


Deutsche Aero Club

The German Aero Club e.V. (DAeC) is the umbrella organization of air sports enthusiasts in Germany. It represents the interests of approximately 100,000 athletes to politicians and authorities, business and society. In national sports policy, the German Olympic Sports Confederation is its closest partner. At the international level, the German Aero Club is a member of Europe Airsports and the FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale), the world air sports federation.

Beyond their recreational significance, air sports also have an important social task. From their enthusiasm for flying, many young people from the DAeC clubs choose careers in aviation.


IASA e.V. – International Association for Sustainable Aviation

The IASA e.V. – International Association for Sustainable Aviation is an independent, non-profit association under German law aiming to support the progress of sustainability in aviation as a whole. In this capacity, IASA facilitates and supports technical conferences,
seminars and workshops. IASA also provides current information about and analytical insight into sustainable aviation to its members, the professional aerospace community and the general public.

Additional information is available online at: www.iasaev.org


Interessengemeinschaft der regionalen Flugplätze e.V. (Interest Group of Regional Airports, Germany)

The Interessengemeinschaft der regionalen Flugplätze e.V. (Interest Group of Regional Airports, Germany) founded in 2005 by then over 70 regional commercial airports and landing fields, is an association with over 100 members.

As the interest group for general aviation services, the IDRF represents the common interests of its members and promotes the optimal usage of existing facilities and capacities as well as the needs-based maintenance and expansion of the comprehensive air traffic infrastructure in Germany.


Le Journal de l’Aviation

Le Journal de l’Aviation is the 1st 100% digital aviation online journal.

Since 2011, we have been bringing to aviation professionals the latest news in their field from around the world. Our 5 journalists team cover all sectors of the aviation industry thanks to our 5 dedicated sections:

Transport Aérien (Airlines) / Industrie (Commercial Aircraft) / Défense (Defence) / Carrière (Career) / Espace (Space).

With over 30 000 articles written, the newspaper is the French language reference for aeronautical news on the Internet.

Le Journal de l’Aviation’s editorial content is written by professional journalists who follow the profession’s ethical rules to the letter and report on the facts with complete objectivity.

Le Journal de l’Aviation is a private and independent press activity, owned by Aerocontact Group (Aerocontact TV, Aviaexpo, and Aviation World News).

Le Journal de l’Aviation is available on tablets and smartphones.



Based in the heart of Europe, MJET is specialized in a wide range of aviation related activities. Since 2007 MJET is one of the first Austrian operators complying with EASA Ops requirements and can manage and commercially operate any type of planes, from small jets to large airliners.