EBACE2017 Safety Workshop to Highlight Lessons Learned from Recent Aviation Accident

3 May 2017

Lessons learned from past aviation accidents, such as the November 2015 crash of a Hawker 700 in Akron, OH, will for the first time serve as the basis of discussions focusing on human performance and other key lessons at the 2017 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition’s (EBACE’s) Safety Workshop, taking place 24 May.

EBACE2017 Safety Workshop to Highlight Lessons Learned from Recent Aviation Accident

“Safety is the cornerstone of business aviation and of critical importance to our customers,” said Brian Humphries, president of the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA). “We have a superb safety track record, but some recent accidents suggest that complacency could be creeping into some operations. Join us for this workshop and you will take away some valuable, practical lessons to make your operations as safe as they can possibly be, using tools developed by the industry to help you.”

“This year’s EBACE Safety Workshop will be more interactive and engaging than ever as we walk through the events leading up to the Hawker 700 accident in Ohio, and then focus on possible mitigation measures for the probable causes of the crash as determined by the National Transportation Safety Board [NTSB],” said Doug Carr, the National Business Aviation Association’s (NBAA’s) vice president of regulatory and international affairs.

The Safety Workshop, moderated by Humphries and Carr, will include a review of the final NTSB report of the accident, then delve into the accident analysis and probable causes. Key accident findings and significant risk factors, including loss of control, safety culture and fitness for duty/flight time limitations will be discussed in detail.

“The tragic accident highlights the importance of developing and fully implementing best practices regarding standards and compliance,” said Carr. “This accident was completely preventable. We will review the factors leading up to that accident to provide attendees with usable strategies that they can implement when they return home including a focus on safety culture, fitness for duty and other significant contributing factors.”

The one-day workshop also will include a safety review from representatives of the European Aviation Safety Agency, Eurocontrol and the Federal Aviation Administration, as well as a discussion of ground operations-related safety challenges by the International Business Aviation Council.

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