EBACE2024 Safety & Security

Your safety and security is of paramount importance to us. To ensure that EBACE2024 is a safe, secure and successful event for all participants, enhanced security measures will be in place. Here is what you can expect as you prepare for the show.

Bag Search

Starting on Monday 27 May, all show participants will undergo a bag inspection and security check upon entry into the Palexpo exhibit venue. Please plan accordingly and allow additional time for entry. If you would like to store your bag before entering show premises, bag and luggage storage is located in the Palexpo Entrance 1 Lobby before proceeding through the security checkpoint.

Prohibited Items

Prohibited items include weapons, fireworks, glass bottles, megaphones, balloons, paint, glue, signs larger than 1.5 meters, drones and any other items that the security team identifies as a risk to the event. Exhibit signage and stationary drones on display in exhibits are permitted for an individual with an exhibitor badge.

Registration and ID Checks

All participants must have an official EBACE2024 badge to enter the event space. Starting on Monday 27 May, all participants must present a government-issued photo ID that matches their badge upon entry.

Security Coverage

At EBACE this year, you will see a highly-visible law enforcement and security personnel presence at show entrances and throughout the show. We are working with local law enforcement agencies along with venue security teams to coordinate and plan for a safe, secure and successful event for all participants.

Best Practices for EBACE Attendees in the Event of Protests

If you see a protest of any type that the show organizers may not be aware of, inside or outside of the exhibit hall and aircraft display, please contact event security or local authorities.

The best strategy for dealing with protests is to avoid areas where protests are occurring and have no interaction with protesters, if possible.

Other strategies for dealing with protests of any type at EBACE include:

  • Be aware that protesters may film, photograph or live-stream events. Do not behave in a way that will jeopardize the reputation of you, your company or EBACE. Remain calm and do not engage with protesters.
  • Don’t linger or watch a protest. Police may not be able to distinguish between bystanders and protesters if they move to address a problem.
  • Do not film or photograph protesters or police, even if they are filming guests. Authorities will film/photograph illegal activities as appropriate.
  • Never attempt to physically interact with protesters. Do not grab signs, push or make gestures at them.
  • If protesters are blocking entrances, runways or otherwise impeding guest movements, alert the show organizers and wait in a safe location until the threat has been resolved. Do not attempt to push, argue or run through crowds of protesters.
  • Heed all official instructions. Remain cooperative if stopped by officials for security checks.
  • In the event that protesters cause a major disruption, guests should evacuate to a safe location.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Rocheleau at [email protected].