EBACE2024 Exhibitor Sustainability Pledge

To augment the efforts by EBAA and NBAA to make EBACE2024 a more sustainable event, exhibitors are invited to participate in the EBACE2024 Sustainability Pledge. The pledge identifies your company as one that is making positive steps to producing a more sustainable trade show. Simple practices for managing waste, water and energy at your exhibit, and making sustainable procurement decisions can have a big impact when multiplied across hundreds of exhibitors.

All tenders for EBACE suppliers systematically include sustainability criteria. We encourage all exhibitors to join us in our sustainability efforts.

All Exhibitor Sustainability Pledge participants will receive the following recognition:

  • An Exhibitor Sustainability Pledge icon will be displayed next to their company name on the online exhibit hall floor plan and directory.
  • NEW! A special green badge ribbon with the text “Sustainability Pledge Exhibitor” will be distributed before the show floor opens.

By signing the Exhibitor Sustainability Pledge, exhibitors agree to follow sustainable exhibiting practices when producing their booth, as well as operating more sustainably while on-site.

Exhibitor Sustainability Pledge Participants

  • 4AIR
  • ACASS Canada Co
  • ACES Systems
  • Aero-Dienst GmbH
  • Air bp
  • Airmont
  • Air Support A/S
  • Alliance Aviation Group
  • Avfuel Corporation
  • Azzera
  • Boeing Business Jets
  • Daher Aircraft Inc
  • Dassault Aviation
  • EBAA
  • Embraer
  • Euro Jet
  • Fargo Jet Center
  • GGT Worldwise
  • Global Jet Capital
  • Gogo Business Aviation
  • Honda Aircraft Company
  • IADA - International Aircraft Dealers Association
  • IBAC
  • Jet Aviation
  • JSSI
  • Satcom Direct International
  • Martyn Fiddler Aviation
  • MedAire, Inc
  • NBAA
  • Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.
  • Port City Air, Inc.
  • Signature Aviation
  • StandardAero
  • Textron
  • TowFLEXX Aircraft Tugs
  • Townsend Leather Co., Inc.
  • Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.