EBACE2024 Exhibit Space Placement Proxy Form

If you are unable to participate on the call at your company's appointment time for the EBACE2024 priority placements, you may submit your exhibit space preferences via proxy by submitting this form to the EBACE exhibits team no more than 8 hours prior to your assigned appointment.

The EBACE exhibits team will then use your preferences at your appointment time to assign your exhibit space. If you submit a proxy form, you do not need to call in at your appointment time.

If all of your exhibit space preferences are unavailable, the EBACE exhibits staff will use their discretion to assign the next best available exhibit space.

Exhibitors will receive email confirmations after their placements have been completed and the floor plan will be updated in real time.

Also, to assist you in the event that you are not able to call at your scheduled appointment time, you may call us at the end of the day the day prior to your appointment, and we can discuss your exhibit space options.

View the EBACE2024 floor plan.

EBACE2024 Exhibit Space Preferences (in order of preference)

Please submit this form no earlier than 8 hours in advance of your assigned exhibit space placement appointment.