Bill Dolny

Chief Executive Officer, MedAire

Bill Dolny

Named Chief Executive Officer of MedAire in 2014, Bill Dolny is responsible for the company’s strategic direction as well as continued growth and expansion of MedAire’s global commercial aviation and business aviation businesses. He brings over 20 years of experience within the aviation industry helping customers enhance their safety, improve efficiency, maintain readiness and solve challenging problems.

Dolny joined MedAire as Chief Operating Officer in 2011, where he oversaw the growth of MedAire’s interests in the Americas and the expansion of MedAire’s assistance services in Brazil and China. Prior to joining MedAire, Dolny served as Vice President of Business Development and Sales for CAE in Dallas, Texas.

During the global pandemic, Dolny lead MedAire and all of its clients through a sustained period of crisis. With customer utilization dramatically reduced for MedAire’s traditional services, he pivoted to respond in a new way to client’s new needs. MedAire provided over 100 hours of webinars to all parts of aviation, sharing best practices, updated advice and education around pandemic protocols. As the direction of the pandemic became more clear, MedAire evolved existing products to include new services customers now needed to navigate the new normal. Dolny doubled down on efforts to update digital products and bring a more efficient experience to aviation customers as they come out of the crisis.

Dolny is certified in Six Sigma Quality Management Tools and Methodology and graduated with honors in the Executive MBA Program from Southern Methodist University. He received a B.B.A. in Management and Aviation Administration from the University of North Dakota. Dolny has held a Commercial Instrument Pilot’s license since 1993. He joined the NBAA Advisory Council in 2020.


Long-term Strategies for the Future of Business Aviation
Wednesday, 24 May 2023
11:30 – 12:30