Catherine Buchanan

Director of Business Development,

Catherine Buchanan

Catherine Buchanan’s love and involvement in aviation was not only rich, but also well-proven, before the age of 18. Joining the Air Training Corps at 13 years old, her flying experience began with military aircraft, including Hercules, Nimrods and Chinooks. At 15, she won a competitive gliding scholarship, and by 16 could fly flex-wing microlights. By 18, Buchanan received her Private Pilot’s License before she could even drive a car and began her tertiary studies with a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology and Management.

Buchanan commenced her business aviation career at major international broker Air Charter Service (ACS), absorbing the fundamentals of the industry and broker dynamic. She moved to Dubai with ACS when an opportunity came up at the UAE office, which was the start of a 12 year Middle Eastern adventure.

With tenures at both Chapman Freeborn and Royal Jet, Buchanan gained invaluable operator and brokerage skills in a truly international market. Remaining in Dubai, Buchanan joined Vertis Aviation in 2013, starting out as the General Manager of the Middle East and quickly being promoted to Chief Commercial Officer and then Chief Operating Officer in her time there.

In her seven years at Vertis Aviation, Buchanan managed the sales and marketing of a fleet of aircraft, truly absorbing the complex requirements of an operator. She also managed a team of international satellite offices, developing an acute understanding of the importance of good communication practises supported by technology.

In late 2021, Buchanan joined as Director of Business Development, working to bring modern technology to the industry she holds so dear.


Yay or Nay? Standardizing Aircraft Charter Agreements
Tuesday, 23 May 2023
14:30 – 15:30