George Alafinov

CEO, Jekta

George Alafinov

George Alafinov is the CEO of Jekta, the OEM with a goal of reviving the magnificence of flying boats in the PHA-ZE 100 aircraft. The first in a series of airframes, the Passenger Hydro Aircraft – Zero Emission 100 flying boat is designed to improve the transport opportunities for communities living close to water. The inspiration is to make the PHA-ZE 100 an essential community transport asset. With low operating costs, it could become an ideal aircraft for regions where traditional air travel is prohibitively expensive.

Led by George Alafinov, the international Jekta team has more than two decades of experience designing and building amphibian aircraft, including the eight-seat, composite amphibian LA-8, as well as the Borey ultralight amphibian. As a current board member of Delta Aerospace SDN BDH in Malaysia, Alafinov helps guide the optimization of sales, marketing and manufacturing of the Heron 8 (the brand name for the LA-8) in the region.

Alafinov started his career as an assistant at a Swiss aircraft design company, where he rose to become the head of product sales. He then moved sectors and became an international commodity trader before returning to aviation as a managing partner of a low-cost airline between 2019-2021. During that time, he supported the upgrade of the airline’s fleet, positioning it as the only A220 operator in Central Asia. Alafinov is PPL holder and has also served time as a radio operator in the Swiss Air Force.


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