Peter Olexa

Euro Jet

Peter Olexa

Peter Olexa is the head of vendor relations and data management at Euro Jet, an Eastern European and Central Asian ground support company with its Operations Control Center based in Prague, Czech Republic. This year Euro Jet is celebrating its 15 year anniversary.

Olexa manages a team of aviation specialists located in six different countries that coordinate a network of airport ground handling vendors spanning four continents. His team is also responsible for overseeing all local aviation rules and regulations.

Olexa started in aviation as a 20 year old working on the ramp at Poprad-Tatry Airport in Slovakia. Prior to joining Euro Jet in 2017 as an Operations Dispatcher, Olexa worked for several organizations, including EUROCONTROL and Czech Air Traffic Control. Four years ago, Olexa moved into a management position with Euro Jet.

Olexa is a PhD candidate at the Czech Technical University in Prague where he specializes in the problematics of the airline diversion optimization, aviation weather and aircraft operations. He has a Masters in Air Traffic Management from the Technical University of Kosice.


Operational Flight Planning: This Year’s Challenges
Wednesday, 24 May 2023
10:00 – 11:00