Yuri Nadezhdin

Director of Development, FCG OPS

Yuri Nadezhdin

Yuri Nadezhdin has worked at FCG OPS for 12 years and is responsible for managing the relationships with customers and suppliers through a range of projects and key account development.

FCG OPS is certified 24/7 OCC offering individual, flexible flight and trip support solutions, as well as ground handling support within a network of more than 50 airports.

Nadezhdin has made his path in aviation from the role of trainee, junior dispatcher, dispatcher, deputy manager and OCC manager. He knows operations processes from own extensive experience in each position. His professionalism and ability to find solutions for every situation led him to become a director of development.

Nadezhdin has professional bachelor’s degree in economics and master’s degree in business administration.


Operational Flight Planning: This Year’s Challenges
Wednesday, 24 May 2023
10:00 – 11:00