Important Dates & Deadlines for EBACE2023 Exhibitors

9 December 2022 Exhibitor Application Priority Deadline Deadline for submitting exhibitor application contract and payment to receive discounted rate and qualify for the priority draw.
13-24 February 2023 Priority Placements All exhibitors with applications and payments submitted by 9 December will select exhibit space during this time.
24 March 2023 Stand Drawing Deadline for Raw Exhibit Space Exhibitors reserving raw space, including inline raw exhibit space, must submit detailed stand drawings to EBACE management for approval. Drawings must include renderings or photos of the stand, technical drawings, hanging elements (including signage, lighting trusses and security points) with dimensions. 

Review the EBACE2023 Stand Drawing & Hanging Sign Approval Form.

24 March 2023 Lead Retrieval Early Bird Pricing Deadline CompuLEAD Lead Management Products Catalog & Pricing
24 March 2023 Deadline for Exhibitor-Appointed Contractors (EACs) Exhibitors and EACs must complete the following steps by 24 March 2023. 

24 March 2023 Deadline for Setup and Teardown Security Wristband Order Forms Security wristbands must be worn at all times by all staff and EACs in the exhibit hall during move-in and move-out. 

Securitas Security Wristband Requirements Form

31 March 2023 First-time Exhibitor Pavilion Artwork Deadline All First-time Exhibitor Pavilion exhibitors who do not submit their files for the graphic panels by the Freeman deadline may be assessed an additional fee of $150 to produce their graphics. 

Review the First-time Exhibitor Pavilion Artwork Guide (PDF).

6 April 2023 Sponsorship Artwork Deadline Artwork for all EBACE sponsorships must be sent to [email protected].
10 April 2023 Lead Retrieval Advance Pricing Deadline CompuLEAD Lead Management Products Catalog & Pricing
14 April 2023 Freeman, EMEA Discount
Pricing Deadline
Furniture exchanges, returns and credits will not be granted after 14 April. 

Access the Freeman Online Ordering Portal

18 April 2023 TWI’s U.S Export Controlled Items Cut-off Review TWI Shipping Instructions USA
21 April 2023 Aircraft Display – Exhibitor Insurance Documentation Due Review the insurance requirements for EBACE2023 exhibitors with aircraft.
23 April 2023 Aircraft Display GPU, APU & Detailing Orders Due
23 April 2023 Palexpo Discount Pricing
Rates increase by 20% after this date. 

25 April 2023 TWI’s General Air Freight Forwarding Deadline Review TWI Shipping Instructions USA 

Review TWI Shipping Instructions Canada

1 May 2023 ExpoLog Geneva Vehicle Booking Platform Opens Review the ExpoLog Vehicle Registration Notice
12 May 2023 Exhibitor-Hosted Stand Event Form Deadline Exhibitors who want to host customer events at their stands on show days must use this form to obtain prior approval from EBACE Show Management. 

EBACE2023 Exhibitor-Hosted Stand Event Form

12 May 2023 Lead Retrieval Order Deadline CompuLEAD Lead Management Products Catalog & Pricing
12 May 2023 Co-Exhibitor Registration Deadline All EBACE2023 co-exhibitors should purchase their own registration or use a discount code provided by their Primary Exhibitor and complete the application. 

EBACE2023 Co-Exhibitor Registration Form

Primary exhibitors who wish to purchase multiple co-exhibitor registrations should contact the EBACE exhibits team at [email protected] for assistance.

16-22 May 2023 Targeted Move-In Indoor Raw Space Exhibitors Review the Targeted Move-In Floor Plan for assigned move-in times. 

Tuesday, 16 May – 08:00–17:00
Wednesday, 17 May – 08:00–17:00
Thursday, 18 May – 08:00–17:00
Friday, 19 May – 08:00–17:00
Saturday 20 May – 08:00–17:00
Sunday, 21 May – 08:00–17:00
Monday, 22 May – 8:00–15:00

Exhibitors requiring additional time for setup should contact the EBACE Exhibits team at [email protected].

Indoor exhibit setup must be complete by 15:00 on Monday 22 May, so carpet can be installed. Exhibitors may continue stand preparations within their individual spaces, but all freight must be removed from aisles.

20-22 May 2023 Move-In Indoor Shell-Scheme Exhibitors Installation and decoration of shell-scheme stands will be provided by Freeman. 

Saturday 20 May – 08:00–17:00
Sunday, 21 May – 08:00–17:00
Monday, 22 May – 08:00–15:00

Indoor exhibit setup must be complete by 15:00 on Monday 22 May, so carpet can be installed. Exhibitors may continue stand preparations within their individual spaces, but all freight must be removed from aisles.

20-25 May 2023 Registration Open Saturday 20 May – 09:00–17:00

Sunday, 21 May – 09:00–18:00
Exhibitors & Press

Monday, 22 May – 08:00–18:00
Exhibitors, Press & Attendees

Tuesday, 23 May – 08:00–18:00
Exhibitors, Press & Attendees

Wednesday, 24 May – 08:30–18:00
Exhibitors, Press & Attendees

Thursday, 25 May – 08:30–15:00
Exhibitors, Press & Attendees

Registration will be located inside the entrance to Hall 4.

21 May 2023 Aircraft Display Move-In Aircraft arrivals are scheduled on a targeted basis. 

Aircraft Arrivals
Sunday, 21 May – 08:00–19:00

On 21 May, there will be no general exhibitor or EAC access to the aircraft display area.

Exhibitor Setup
Monday, 22 May – 07:00–19:00

Because Geneva International Airport is in continuous operation for airline and business aircraft, early move-in is not permitted.

22 May 2023 Indoor Exhibits Setup Deadline Indoor exhibit setup must be complete by 15:00 on Monday 22 May, so carpet can be installed. Exhibitors may continue stand preparations within their individual spaces, but all freight must be removed from aisles. 

If the exhibit space is not occupied by 15:00 on Monday, 22 May, EBACE management will consider it canceled by the exhibitor and assume the right to use such space as deemed appropriate.

22 May 2023 Aircraft Display Setup Deadline All aircraft, carpet and exhibit materials at the aircraft display must be set and in place by 19:00 on Monday, 22 May.
22 May 2023 EBACE Press Day Monday, 22 May – 08:00–17:00 

Indoor exhibits and the aircraft display will be open credentialed members of the press.

22 May 2023 EBACE Media Luncheon Monday, 22 May – 13:00–14:30 

By Invitation Only

23 May 2023 EBACE Keynote Tuesday, 23 May – 09:00–10:00 

Keynote & Innovation Stage A2

EBACE management encourages all EBACE exhibitors and attendees to attend the keynote, and requests that appointments and presentations be scheduled not to conflict this event.

23-25 May 2023 Exhibit Hours Tuesday, 23 May – 10:00–17:00
Indoor Exhibits and Aircraft Display 

Wednesday, 24 May – 09:00–17:00
Indoor Exhibits and Aircraft Display

Thursday, 25 May
09:00–15:00 Indoor Exhibits
09:00–14:00 Aircraft Display

25-27 May 2023 Move-Out – Exhibit Halls Exhibitors may not begin to dismantle their exhibits until the show closes at 15:00 on Thursday, 25 May. 

Exhibitors who dismantle early may lose their eligibility for the EBACE2024 priority draw.

Thursday, 25 May – 15:00–23:00
Friday, 26 May – 07:00–20:00
Saturday 27 May – 07:00–17:00

Shell-scheme stands must be removed by 12:00 on Friday, 26 May.

All exhibit materials must be completely dismantled, packed into crates and secured by 17:00 on Saturday 27, May.

ExpoLog SA Geneva (Formerly IEL) will begin returning empty containers as soon as aisle carpeting has been removed from the exhibit floor. The entire process for returning empties may take 6 to 8 hours. Inclement weather may delay this process.

No trucks will be permitted to access Palexpo until all empty containers have been returned on Thursday, 25 May. EBACE management expects that trucks will be
granted access starting at 21:00.

25 May 2023 Move-Out – Aircraft Display Between 14:00 and 15:00 on Thursday, 25 May, only exhibitors with badges and EACs with security wristbands will be allowed on the aircraft display. 

All aircraft and exhibit materials must be removed from the aircraft display by 15:30 on Thursday, 25 May.

No aircraft movements will start until 16:45 on Thursday, 25 May.